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Tea of the month: Sweet ‘n’ chili

Its getting cold outside, and what at better way to warm up than with a hot drink. Praanas Sweet ‘n’ chili will not only warm your hands and throut, it will also raise your internal heat.

Filled with organic ingredients such as; green tea, cocoa shells, fennel seed, cassia, ginger root, licorice root, peppermint, cardamom pod, clove bud, chili, black pepper it will prepare your body for a cold winter.

Hot and warm teas and herbal infusions will warm you up from the inside, as well as release the chill from your hands. All our blends are “pure nature in a cup” all organic, with no sugar or other additives, just pure herbs, spices, flowers and tea.

If you want to drink herbal tea for its tasty, warming effect or  for the many wonderful health benefits we recomend Praanas Sweet ‘n’ chili for december.

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