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Detoxing – Tea of the month

Imagine that something so tasteful can do so well. Start the morning with Praana Detoxing, a cleansing tea from Praana Herb and Tea company.

Start the year with giving your body a proper cleanse! Praana Detoxing contains aniseed and fennel seed which gives it a natural sweetness. In addition, it contains tasteful herbs and spices that are known for assisting your body in its natural cleansing process. Like nettle leaf, dandelion root, coriander seeds, licorice and lemon peels. It is simply – pure nature in a cup.

Praana Detoxing is 100% organic and caffeine-free.
Let infuse in freshly boiled water for about 5 minutes– and enjoy
We wish you a good and cleansing start to kick off the new year!

«Live each day fully – as were it your last day, and with curiosity – as were it your first day»


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