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Giving Back

IMG_1730PRAANA have a clear mission to give back.

Give back to nature, and give back to the communities & the people who grow & harvest the herbs and spices we use in our teas. We are setting up a foundation; "PRAANA foundation", that will ensure that our missions are followed.

For every pack of Praana tea you buy -  a percentage will go directly to the foundation and the work it will carry out.

We will give assistance to the farmers in form of better equipment and harvesting / drying methodes. This will assist them in production, both for our teas, but also for any other customer they may have - strengethening their possibilities of success and a fruitful future.

We will give assistance to some local communities to assist with education and security for young girls. We find it very important today, assist these girls in having more possibilities for a future where they are self-reliant and can have more choices.

The majority of our herbs & spices are grown in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and South Africa, amongst others. This as the herbs & spices naturally grow in these climates.                                                                  The typical communities we want to give back to will be in these countries.