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Our Story

PRAANA - pure nature in a cup.......

We have carefully selected herbs and spices by their function & flavor,
based on ancient wisdom and traditions

When selecting the name for our delicious herbal tea – the word PRAANA came to mind.
It is Sanskrit, and means life-breath, life-force, the root to all life, and it embodies the traditional use of herbs throughout the ages.
Keep your body & mind in balance, live healthy, nourish your heart and act kindly.

In today’s hectic life, it is important to take care of yourself, and set aside some “me-time”.
We have created PRAANA to help you allow some more “me-time” in your life, giving back to yourself and your wellbeing.

We are on a mission to bring pure nature and herbs to your tea-cup, wherever you are in the world. We promote a natural healthy living, where we recommend you to take good care of yourself, be out in nature, and eat & drink what nature provides naturally. We are engaged in your wellbeing, and want PRAANA to be a source for natural and nourishing herbal teas.


  • All our blends are “pure nature in a cup”.
  • We do not add any sugar or other additives, just pure herbs, spices, flowers and tea.
  • We pack each teabag in a sealed envelope to keep the freshness and aroma.
  • All our PRAANA-teas are ORGANIC, which we find gives us the best quality of herbs & spices.

We truly believe you will be pleased with our herbal teas, their flavor and the wellbeing you may feel.We are fully engaged in bringing PRAANA out to you, and will continuously develop more nourishing and delightful blends.

Should you want to communicate with us, feel more than welcomed to get in touch with us.